Hello, World.

Welcome to my blog. Happy Women’s Day and a Very Happy Wednesday. Wednesdays. I like Wednesdays. Okay so, a little about me. I’m Zoha, a 22 year old, unemployed fresh graduate. Don’t judge me, I do plan on starting work soon. I’ve been on a break. It’s going to sound like something lazy people say but yes I’ve been trying to find the answer to what am I supposed to do now with this degree?

Yes I do like to read, write, play sports, try different foods, yeah try.. Cooking? Haven’t started to work on that part much. But lets come to something that interests me the most. First of all, I absolutely love makeup. Now I don’t want to push away male readers so second of all, I like to talk about mental health. I feel that mental health is something that is causing a lot of discrimination and to be honest, I’m not okay with that. I’ve always been reading about it, writing about and discussing it with my friends and family. But I wanted to be there for people who are discriminated on a daily basis because of suffering from a mental illness that other people don’t understand. There are youngsters who suffer but unfortunately, they belong to a family that doesn’t understand the struggles of everyday life for their child. I believe it’s very important to provide help as soon as something like this is diagnosed because living with a mental illness can be terrible.

I hope me and my readers can use this space to talk about it and I promise I’ll never ask you to just ‘get over it’. I just want to tell you if you’re reading this and you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental illness, I’m here for you! People with mental illnesses are just people like you, who just need to be showed how to live a life full of positivity!



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