It was my birthday yesterday!

Hello, world!

So, it was my birthday yesterday. This by far has been one of the best birthdays I’ve had and not because I had a lot of people sending me nice long birthday texts or because I was being showered by birthday presents, but because it’s the only birthday I’ve actually reflected back and realized how far I’ve come. So I spent my day with my immediate family who made me feel special and my best friends did the same by ringing me up, texting me and telling me how valuable our friendship is. Being surrounded by just the right people can be so soothing. I believe that if you’re letting people go, creating a boundary and investing your time in people who care for you, you’re doing yourself a huge favour. You’re actually giving your mind, body and soul some peace which it clearly deserves.

How is peace attained anyway? Why are we always trying to find peace around us when really, it’s meant to be created by ourselves, for ourselves? Ask yourself right now, what am I doing for myself, my happiness, my peace of mind, basically my mental health?  Mental health is a blessing and taking care of it has become less of a priority, which is why most of us struggle with it. It really surprises me sometimes how powerful the mind is and how capable it is of controlling the way your body reacts physically to stress. Being in this marathon called life has made it difficult and in some cases, not a priority to take care of your mental health, to make an effort to keep your mind at peace. It surprises me how common the cases of anxiety, depression and other mental disorders are these days. Many of us face a mental health issue that could have been avoided if it was made a priority at an earlier stage in life.

There’s a scale of every mental health issue. If we talk about anxiety, some people face anxiety at such a lower level that it doesn’t interfere with their daily life. Basically they can “get over it”. But unfortunately, for some people, it’s a challenge because it can affect their daily life for example, not being able to communicate, eat, sleep or simply relax. If you’re reading this and you’re one of those people, I’m here for you and let me tell you one thing, just look at how far you’ve come, trust me it’ll be over soon and its only going to make you stronger.

Some simple steps you can take to put your mind at peace are:

  • Concentrate on your breathing. Take long, deep breaths and notice your stress level decrease.
  • Stretch your arms, try the hamstring stretch, try all the possible stretches you know and it will for sure, relax your nerves.
  • Drink water. Drink lots of water. It washes the toxins out!
  • Talk to someone. Just call a loved one, or a friend. But only someone who will understand you and won’t judge you for it. Being judged will only make it worse.
  • Eat something sweet after every meal. It is said that eating sweet after every meal is a mood booster.
  • Have some fun. Make a plan, go out, plan something that’s adventurous!
  • Exercise, pump the adrenaline. It’s really very helpful!

Following these simple steps in life can make it easier and less stressful! Carrying all that burden on those little shoulders can simply be let off by these tricks. I often hear my friends, who suffer from anxiety say that they can’t do anything about it, or seek help for it because the people they are surrounded by don’t think that it’s an issue to deal with. They were simply told to ‘get over it’. Let me tell you, if you have parents, guardians, or other loved ones who understand what you’re going through and are willing to help you fight this, you are way more blessed than you think you are. Whenever you think you can’t handle this anymore just think about the people who have stood by you for so long, just because they love you.

Mastering self talk can really help to calm your nerves. Sometimes it’s more important to calm your own self down through self talk rather than depending upon your therapist to do it. Your body and your mind should be controlled by only you. Whenever you’re feeling anxious, try some positive self talk to yourself. Tell yourself that it’s okay or it’s going to be okay and whatever you’re worrying about right now is probably not even going to happen. Think about it, what are you telling yourself everyday? Your self talk techniques should include nothing to feed your anxiety, it should always include statements that will help you get through the day!

Promise yourself right now that you will not let any person or situation mess up your peace of mind. Start working now towards a healthy mind because you’re in control of it.



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