It was meant to be.

Two weeks ago me, my sister and my brother in law went out for dinner and when we came back home, my sister ended up having a bad stomach and she said to her husband, “I shouldn’t have eaten such a heavy meal so late, it never suits me” and he replied, “Don’t worry about it, it was meant to be” and I thought to myself well, that was a heavy statement for just diarrhea. It’s one of my favorite statements anyway because it’s something I’ve been telling myself since the past few years and it helps me calm myself a lot. I always think about what to say to myself to calm my nerves. Since I find myself, most of the time, thinking about something I can’t go back and change, so “it was meant to be” helps me a lot. The most helpful ones for me are ‘It was meant to be’ and that ‘what’s the worst that would happen?’.  I’d leave the second phrase for another day but what does it was meant to be mean anyway? It means that whatever happened, happened because God had already decided for it to be that way. Thinking about why something bad happened won’t help because nothing can change now and also because it was simply, meant to be. Even when something small happens for example, eating something which you shouldn’t have and regretting later on, saying something unusual to someone, wearing something and thinking later on that you could’ve wore something else, we unnecessarily drain our minds into thinking why we couldn’t change a certain situation. But the truth is, we can’t. No matter how hard we try, when something doesn’t have to go our way, it doesn’t simply because that’s just how God wanted it to be. Can you imagine how much worrying could simply end just by realizing the fact that ‘it was meant to be’? We stress ourselves too much thinking about something we can’t go back and change.

When I wasn’t able to go to an engineering school and decided to pursue Government Studies instead, which was a plan B, it took me a whole year to accept that fact that I won’t be able to go to an engineering school now and that this is what my career will be based on in the future. It would really get to me a times but that’s just how I recovered, by telling myself that this is what God has decided for me, and its for the best. It actually did work out for the best because I did pretty well and graduated with a decent CGPA. The thought still comes to me sometimes. Especially now when I work part time with the Avionics and Engineering department at a university. But then I tell myself, it was meant to be and just simply get on with life.

So, sit back, relax and breathe! Whatever happened to you was simply just meant to be. Instead of dwelling over the past, think about how you can make the present better. If you find yourself worrying for no reason, don’t worry, you’re no different but you can be better.

Here are some steps to take when you’re regretting something that you couldn’t change.

  1. First of all. Take deep breaths!
  2. Accept what happened. Don’t be in denial. It’s the worst thing to do to yourself.
  3. Take it in with positivity.
  4. Think about how to make things better in the moment.
  5. Think about your relationship with God. He is listening and He gives you what is best for you!


  1. Nauzaina khalid · April 29

    That’s true what’s is meant to be happens at any cost.
    Acceptance is the key! Heavy key but makes life easy.
    keep wiring keep inspiring 😘 love !


    • Shabeeb Hasan · July 14

      is it your writing ?


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